Writing Rhetorical Analysis

Objectives: Students will be able to gain clear understanding of how to write a rhetorical analysis essay by using SOAPStone.

Do now: Review SOAPStone using he handout given. What does each element stand for?

Mini Lesson: Review the lesson on how to write an AP Rhetorical Analysis Paragraphs and Essays ( see handout)

Independent Practice

Compose a rhetorical essay using year 2014’s Question 2 prompt.

Homework: Review more notes on rhetorical analysis essay elements and strategies.


Agenda for the next few news before the exam on Wednesday May 11-

5/5/2016: ( at home) Write a synthesis essay ( in ink by hand)  using 2011 prompt ( 55 minutes total). Use the rubric and sample essay to review your own essay and hand in your critiqued essay  as well as questions you still have about writing the synthesis essay.

5/6/2016 ( during periods 1 & 4):

  • Per 1: Review all handouts relating to the rhetorical analysis. ( use the lesson above).
  • Per 4:Write a rhetorical essay on demand ( 40 minutes by hand in ink) using the prompt of 2014 ( in the Question 2 packet).
  • ( At home): Review your own rhetorical essay by using the rubric and sample essay.

Over the weekend: Review

  1. Practice a new set of multiple choice questions (optional)
  2. Practice writing an essay on Question 3 based on year 2015.( required)
  3. Practice writing on an synthesis essay and rhetorical analysis by using a past prompt in the College Board website. ( optional)





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